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EV (Electric Vehicle)

EV (Electric Vehicle)

We get asked all the time to the benefits of electric vehicles, its not just about moving into a zero emission eco-friendly way of transport. They are a fraction of cost to run not only comparing charging over refuelling but servicing and reduced toll bridge fees also. Up to 74% cheaper to drive EV over newer Diesel models.

Electric Vehicle Home Charging Grant

A government funded support scheme to assist homeowners install an electric vehicle charge point on their property. The scheme provides a grant up to the value of €600 towards the purchase and installation of a home charger unit. The applicant must be the owner of an Eligible new or second-hand electric vehicle (EV).

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Electric Vehicle for Business

You may choose to make an electric car available to your employee for private use. Where this occurs, no charge to BIK arises in respect of any use by your employee where either of the following apply: the OMV of the car is €50,000 or less. If EV car is over €50,000 you will only pay the difference in BIK (Example OMV of the car €60k, BIK of €10k is paid).

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Reduced Toll bridge fees

At present Electric Vehicles benefit from 50% discount on toll bridge charges. Make sure to let your tag provider know you are driving an EV.

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Public Charging Network

Most of your charging will be done in work or at home. You can subscribe here and need to register even if you use the pay as you go option. You will be able to use the charge points with a RFID card or with the smartphone app.


A very handy app to have is the ESB ecar connect, this will work with the maps on your phone to show you the closest charge point to you and if they are unoccupied or not.

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Smart Apps

Each car manufacturer has its own branded app, to easily locate your car, see charge percentage, turn heating on etc. All from your phone!

*With public parking please check charge point as not all county councils offer free parking for EVs. Some council do make you pay and display……….